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Many people have chain link fence privacy concerns. This is a reasonable think to worry about as the plain old chain link fence offers basically no privacy at all. There are things that you can do about it though. Let’s look at some of the options for more privacy now.

Chain link fencing is very popular. There are very good reasons for this popularity.  First off, chain link fencing is very inexpensive. This has made it a very good option for many people all across the country. Another reason for the popularity is that it is very long lasting. An inexpensive log lasting fencing is clearly going to be popular. But, clearly there are drawbacks to chain link fencing. Privacy concerns are a real problem as chain link fencing offers basically no privacy. Manufacturers have realized this and there are actually several options for people to ease their privacy concerns.

The main problem with chain link privacy has to do with how it is constructed. Chain link fence s basically steel wiring that has been galvanized in zinc. This zinc galvanized steel wiring is woven into a diamond pattern with very large gaps. Basically, it is nothing more than some rather tough wires. This manufacturing process makes for a very tough and durable fencing. It will take a lot of abuse and will resist the elements very well. But, this will offer absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

There are a few options available for you to improve the privacy of your chain link fencing. One of the common ways to improve privacy is to use what are commonly referred to as privacy slats. These are basically strips of some kind that can be woven into the mesh of the chain link fence. There are 2 common ways that they can be woven in. There are vertical inserts that are woven in straight up and down. These offer some level of privacy but they are generally not the better of the two ways. The other kind of woven slat is the kind that is woven in at an angle. This is the better option because you can get them to fit the exact width of the weave size and they will actually block most of the visibility through the fence. These slats are available in any numbers of materials and colors.

Another option for chain link fence privacy is a kind of screening that can be rolled along and attached to the entire length of the fence.

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