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Chain link fence materials come in many forms. The materials are usually a zinc coated steel. There are also a number of other finishes that can offer a lot of options that you may not be aware of. Many people think that chain link fencing is basically the plain old metallic colored fencing. This is not the case anymore. Let’s look at the many materials that chain link fencing can come in now.

The common way that people think of chain link fencing is that silvery colored metal. This kind of fencing can be seen all over and is very common. There are many people who would consider this rather bland and not suitable for a backyard for example. Well, fortunately there are plenty of other materials that chain link fencing can come in.

The basic chain link fencing comes in that silvery finish. This is because they regular chain link fence is a zinc galvanized steel. This zinc coating is how they get that silvery color on the material. This is also how they can get the toughness of steel and make it rather weather resistant. Plain old steel would rust away into nothingness very quickly.

There are, however, many other coatings that you can get your chain link fencing in. One common coating is to get the zinc galvanized steel to then be coated with a polymer. Basically, you get regular chain link fencing with a plastic type coating. This polymer coating material is available in a wide variety of colors. Green and black are common material colors for this. This coating material is available in a variety of thicknesses. The coating materials commonly range from .006 to .015 inches in thickness. Obviously the thicker materials will be longer lasting.

Another way that a different material can be applied to chain link fencing is powder coating. Basically, a special colored powder is applied to the fencing during manufacture and it is baked on. This results in an extremely touch coating material for your chain link fence. This kind of material will last for many years and is very durable. This coating will stand up to even the worst abuse and still add color to and protect the chain link fencing.

There are other materials for chain link fencing as well. You can get privacy slats. These privacy slats are usually some kind of plastic material and you weave them into the chain link fencing. They offer some privacy.

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